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I figured out my own little diabolical means of dealing with nigerian-esque scammers. So yahoo just takes up space, takes forever to load up at the start and is generally a nuisance on the taskbar... Ironically, people here say that the pay sites are for the more "serious" men, but personally, I have been contacted by more scammers and fakes from those sites than on Po F.

When I start receiving emails with pictures of russian models, I start sending pictures of the african actors in the movie "the gods must be crazy", and claiming it is me. If the guy to whom you are chatting/emailing fits more than a few of the following, he may be a scammer:- His photo is attractive (and also not his, of course)- He's either divorced or widowed, and depending on the age group he's targeting, usually with 1 child around 12-13.- He's originally from a country outside the US - they usually pick France, Ireland or Germany.- He describes himself as self-employed or an entrepreneur, or says he has a good job, making from $75K on up.- He wants to send you a lot of photos of his house, cars, etc.

If you were really interested in someone would you insist on a form of communication that makes the person you are interested in uncomfortable?

Why even waste all that time talking about how to get to know each other instead of actually getting to know each by simply responding to my initiation?

I don’t like messengers because I like to have the freedom to really think about what I’m reading and responding and I’m not a fast typer. Is the difference between e-mail and messenger that big? I just felt really pressured and also got some red flags on the wording as it sounded too demanding.