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She hung in there with me much, much longer than she should have.” Emily paints a picture that things began spiraling downhill while aired last January.

But Emily will take ABC’s stage once again and discuss the aftermath of her breakup with Brad on a special set to air on July 11.

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Three years after Womack made his infamous final choice, the network confirmed he'd get a second shot at love, as the show's 15th bachelor.

"Brad is very sincere and believes in the show," a source close to the series told Us Weekly.

" Unfortch for B-Dubs, "She just doesn't pick up."Monday on The Bachelorette, a tearful Emily Maynard drove the final nail in the coffin of her engagement to Bachelor star Brad Womack."We're not engaged anymore...

I'm ready to say it," she confessed, and among the few details she offered was her insecurity over whether his interest would wane: "I just doubted, you know, he was still gonna want to be with me."In a strange interview Monday, The Bachelor winner Emily Maynard turned on the tears, but didn't really get into why she broke up with Brad Womack.

She tells Chris that the next time she saw him she expected to be planning a wedding. (begins to cry) But he’s, you know, always going to be a huge part of my life and I don’t – for so long I think that we left the dot, dot, dot and I feel bad that it’s taken us this long to let everybody know. CHRIS: So I know this is the million dollar question, because everybody wants to know, and I’m not saying everyone has a right to know, but because this was so public everybody want to know – after The Final Rose Special when you guys started anew and I knew you guys to be going well – what happened? EMILY: The day that Brad proposed to me was one of the happiest days I can remember.