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The phrase “people of the book,” which Hawkins deployed in her statement, is used in the Koran to describe Christians, Jews, and Muslims, who are all said to worship the Abrahamic God.

But this is still a matter of significant disagreement among Christians, with many conservative believers resistant to the idea that followers of other religions are pointing their prayers at the God of the Bible.

The word “including” in that sentence gently raises the possibility there is more to this story that has not been made public.

Hawkins will be on paid leave through the end of the spring semester.

(A spokesperson for Wheaton did not reply to a request for comment sent yesterday afternoon.)There has been plenty of misleading, and even flat-out false, coverage of Hawkins’s suspension; headlines like “A Christian College Placed a Professor on Leave for Wearing a Hijab” are apparently too clickable to resist.