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When it starts, open the job’s console output to see its progress to verify that it’s working properly.

If it’s all set up correctly, you will see console output similar to the below screenshot: After deployment, Jenkins should report success and provide the URL of the deployed application on Azure: If you want to set this up on a machine that has Jenkins and Ant but you don’t want to install Eclipse, you first need to install a few prerequisites before you configure Jenkins, as per the below steps: This is the minimum set of steps necessary to install the prerequisites and modify your project’s build file (package.xml) to work on a machine other than the one it was created on.

That would be the WAR file for you to update when you have newer versions of your application.

If you have added your Java applications to the project via other means, for example as direct WAR file references, then wherever those WAR files are located, those are the files to update.

However, we are excluding the classes that end with the name Test.


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