Updating r4 firmware

Changes in this release: Changes in this Release: This firmware is for updating the WAP1000 standalone. Any WAP100 managed by a Zone Director should automatically update its firmware. For the proper operation of all devices, it is recommended that all devices be brought up to the most current firmware version. Loading procedures for v3.01.17: When upgrading from any version less than v3.00.00: Programming Information: To load this firmware successfully, a valid DVI connection should be made to get the unit to boot and connect to the AMX master The Driver kit should be loaded as well after this kit file.

updating r4 firmware-18

New high density chip with faster speed is used for hardware update, that mean faster game speed and longer time in battery consumption.

Compatiblity of Micro SD card is batter, chip composing is more neat、easy and beauty....

COM we provide illustrated guides and tutorials on how to set-up your 3DS flash card and how to upgrade firmware for improved compatibility with new R4i rom games.

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