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You should see a tab at the left of the screen called "Internet Filter." Click on that tab, then make sure the box next to "Filter Anonymous Internet Requests" is checked.Finding Your Router's Address (Windows)Finding Your Router's Address (Mac)Installing Router Updates Updating an Air Port Router Community Q&A Updating your router firmware can help improve connectivity and keep your router secure.

Note: Some router models vulnerable to The Moon are no longer supported by Linksys and haven't been issued any firmware updates.

Linksys says it will soon release firmware updates for all affected products, including models no longer sold.

The model number should auto-complete when you start to type it into the Web page.

Click on that auto-completed name and you'll be taken directly to the support page for your router. On the router model's support page, select "Downloads" from the row of tabs near the middle of the screen.

If you're using an older Linksys E-series router and have trouble finding a firmware upgrade, you may have to wait a few weeks. In the search box under "Start Here," type the model number of your router.