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Even after the dataset is filled in, the Data Grid control does not automatically display the data.

You must explicitly bind the grid to its data source.

Unbound mode is suitable for displaying relatively small amounts of data that you manage programmatically. Click Dim connection String As String = "Data Source=.; Initial Catalog=pubs; Integrated Security=True" Dim sql As String = "SELECT * FROM Stores" Dim connection As New Sql Connection(connection String) connection.

Virtual mode gives you a higher degree of control by allowing you to wait until a cell is actually being displayed to provide the value it will contain. Sql Client Public Class Form1 Dim s Command As Sql Command Dim s Adapter As Sql Data Adapter Dim s Builder As Sql Command Builder Dim s Ds As Data Set Dim s Table As Data Table Private Sub load_btn_Click(By Val sender As System. Open() s Command = New Sql Command(sql, connection) s Adapter = New Sql Data Adapter(s Command) s Builder = New Sql Command Builder(s Adapter) s Ds = New Data Set() s Adapter.

For details about the relationship between datasets and schemas, see Introduction to Data Access with ADO. To generate a dataset At this point you have set up everything you need in order to get information out of database and into a dataset.