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However this isn't always the case, even for new motherboards or laptops, and it's possible that you will have to create a bootable CD or USB drive and copy the files to that.

Even if the BIOS update is designed to be run from a floppy disk you can usually use a USB flash drive, but you may need to first enter the BIOS to tell it to boot from the CD or USB drive instead of the hard drive.

Read the release notes of the latest version (and each version back to the one currently installed) to see whether it will add the features you need or fix a problem you're having.

If not, there may be little point in taking the risk by updating.

Insert a floppy disk into your drive and right-click the corresponding drive symbol inside the Windows Explorer (usually A:). Delete all files except Command.com, and from the disk, even those that are invisible.


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