Updating bios dell inspiron 1501

From 1997 to 2001, as Dell grew into a large corporation, the XPS line lost its position as the leading-edge performance machines and became essentially just a line for fast computers.

Updating bios dell inspiron 1501

8gigs seems to work fine 4-4 and i'v tried 2-4 which didn't work so well...

I have upgraded a single core to dual core and I have upgraded to 8 gig 800Mhz ram and a 750 gig hhd.

In 2005 Dell separated their home desktop systems into two lines, Dimension and XPS.

Their home notebooks were also separated into two lines, Inspiron and XPS.

Sales Corporate Sales Customer Service Fax Malaysia (Penang) International Access Code: 00 Country Code: 60 City Code: 4 Online Support Technical Support - Dell Precision, Opti Plex, and Latitude Technical Support - Dimension, Inspiron, and Electronics and Accessories Technical Support - Power App, Power Edge, Power Connect, and Power Vault ... Ricoh R5C832 3-in-1 media memory card connector 3-in-1 combo card connector Cards supported SSD/SDIO MMC Intel® ICH7 one Express Card slot (54 mm) Express Card/54 (54 mm) 1.5 V and 3.3 V 28 pins ATI RS485/RS485M/SB600 64 bits dual-channel (2) 64-bit buses 40 bits 1 MB PCI-E X16 32 bits AMD Turion™ 64 or AMD Sempron™ 64 KB 256 KB, 512 KB, 1024 KB 533 MHz Specifications 133 Owner's Manual - Page 136 ...


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