Ub funkey not updating

ub funkey not updating-20

For example, Sol can access Funkiki Island because its game room, "Relaxation Resort," is located there.

However, Sol cannot access Lapuatta Station because there is no game room there it can access.

Hey guys, You probably don't know this, but the funkey blog was the 3rd most popular UB Funkeys website a year ago, and when I stopped, it was about 10th.

When I came back, it was in about 5th, and I need your help to regain that 3rd place status. (Alot has been happening this summer, some of my family is breaking up and we're moving, so I need some help with the site.) I will have 2-3 authors other than me (depending if I know them, and they will get full credit.

: D I also have a very rare dyer now too (like I said in the last post.) So anyway, as expected, UB Funkeys was not featured at the Comic Con.


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