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There are a few reasons why the show CSI: Miami is such a hit and you can bet that Adam Rodriguez is one of them.

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It sparked a fierce debate with some social media users quick to accuse Gross of colorism because the woman concerned is the only one without a partner, is on the fringes of the group and is darker skinned than the other women. And just so everyone can RELAX, the photo is a annual tradition– ITS A JOKE!

I'm dating someone special, but he didn't come to Big Bear this year.

I take a pic like this EVERY YEAR making fun of the fact that I'm the only single one in the couples pic. Go enjoy your family, and stop worrying about OURS!!

''And that occurs precisely because this country was built on principles of racism.

He shows pride in that heritage by helping others and working numerous charities catered to people of Hispanic descent.


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