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"JW: I think good men and good women are everywhere.

You just have to have the skill set to find them, know what to look for, find the positive things and you will find that person.

Each couple fits a specific archetype - be it The High School Sweethearts or The Cheaters - all with their own set of reasons to doubt if their relationship can really last a lifetime.

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There are a lot of women, even very petite women, who say, "I will absolutely not date a guy shorter than 5'11"." Nine out of 10 women will tell me that and the average height for men in the country is 5'9".

My mom's response would be, "You mean to tell me that if I have a guy who is a perfect fit in every single way—strong, fit, manly, makes you feel like a woman and this and that—but he is 5'9" and you are 5'3", you won't date the guy? If you won't open your mind to someone who is a couple inches shorter than you prefer, then that is a real problem.

That is part of the challenge of Tough Love—being brutally honest.

Steve Wardis known for telling his clients not what they want to hear, but what they need to hear to find love.

Steve tells Celebuzz that he bumped into Mayer at a VH1 Save The Music Foundation event last year and was surprised when the singer pulled him aside to get intimate advice about why his relationships have all fizzled.