The danger of dating on web

Because they were used in the so-called dating scene where it’s ok to use people for your emotional needs (and sometimes sexual) until that “feeling” is no longer there and then on to the next one…Comparison: When you date more than one person, over the course of time someone is bound to be heartbroken.

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They have invested time in you and eventually feelings come into play.

If you spend time with someone there has to be some type of connection or else you wouldn’t invest the time.

” I would date one woman for my emotional needs, then another for sexual needs, and another for eye candy who I would bring around my friends to show them “Look who I’m with!

” I wasn’t sleeping with all three women but I was selfish because if they were having an “off day” or I didn’t feel like being bothered then you wouldn’t hear from me and I would be with another woman hanging out. We dated (just me and her, no one else was involved) for two years and then the relationship fell apart.

Why not trust God and give your undivided attention to one person you believe is that special one for you?