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A teenage girl talks about wanting to have breast implants.

A mother's preference for partying, boozing and running around with an assortment of sleazy characters results in her neglecting her nubile teenage daughter, who subsequently finds herself mixed up with horny teenage boys, scuzzy nightclub owners and murder.

No one in 1944 if they received the Monogram Daily Star, a four-page tabloid, that was "America's Wide-Awake Newspaper" and was "The First With The Latest." No one needed to pay to see the movie, "Are These Our Parents" either, if they got this well-illustrated edition of the old Morning Star.

[profanity glossary] - Two teenagers smoke marijuana outside a high school and a teenager sells marijuana in a school restroom.

A woman takes a prescription drug for depression, a teenage boy takes Ritalin and becomes hyperactive, two teenage boys sell Ritalin at a high school dance and we see many people running around, dancing and yelling, two teenage boys sell prescription medications in a boy's restroom in a school and a teenage boy talks to a psychiatrist about having fantasies and the doctor prescribes medications Ritalin and Xanax.

We therefore need to revisit many older reviews, especially those written prior to 1998 or so; please keep this in mind if you're consulting a review from that period. "Kids-In-Mind" and "Movie Ratings That Actually Work" are Service Marks of Critics.