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They were married in 1970, and then divorced in 1975.

Danson’s acting career started when he landed a deal to be a murdered cop in the 1979 movie .

Danson III, Edward Bridge (Ted) Born: December 29, 1947, in San Diego, California Vocations: Actor, Environmental Activist Geographic Connection to Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh, Allegheny County Keywords: ; Emmy Award; Golden Globe Award; Oceana; Stanford University Abstract: Actor Ted Danson was born in San Diego, and then attended college at Stanford.

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They cringed in disbelief during the opening monologue by actor Ted Danson, Whoopi's lover, who appeared in blackface and used the word "nigger" more than a dozen times during a series of jokes that drew smaller and smaller laughs, until finally the audience was groaning and Danson faltered as he tried to plow through his written material. His performance, the worst train wreck since "The Fugitive," was witnessed by more than 3,000 people filling the ballroom of the New York Hilton hotel at a $250-a-ticket charity benefit by the show biz organization.

A blocklong dais featured more than 100 celebrities who sat stoneface through the monologue, including such prominent African Americans as New York Mayor David Dinkins, performers Halle Berry, Vanessa Williams, Anita Baker, Ru Paul and Mr.

Danson also found himself in hot water after he preformed a black-faced act at the Friar’s Club during a roast of Whoopie Goldberg. Some of them have not been to a roast before.” Later in the 1990s he starred in the television miniseries , a crime drama, his newest television show.

People were so offended by his comments that he was lucky to ever get another acting contract. Danson married Mary Steenbergen in 1995, and is now the stepfather to her two children Lilly and Charles.

Danson spent the majority of the next two years attending to his wife’s health. Towards the end of his stint on starring alongside Tom Selleck, and Steve Guttenberg.