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" At this point in the saga I should point out that Watauga is a mere 15 miles northeast of Fort Worth and, therefore, flatter than Kristen Stewart. During our first on-air segment (about March Madness) he randomly blurts out a callback to our earlier cross-talk with Elf & Slater in the form of "the only reason to go to Mc Donald's is to take a dump." He soon thereafter abruptly stops a thought in mid-sentence, like a squirrel suddenly distracted from his morning acorn. So after just two segments today and less than a month since Williams confessed to me and CBS Radio management about his continual abuse of drugs and fabricating lies to miss work, I send another exasperated text to my boss, Fan program director Gavin Spittle. Don't know if anybody gives a frick up there, but my partner is high on the air today. Exactly three weeks later RAGE performed its final show. Tweeted Williams (@TCUWhite Trash) that afternoon: I just feel bad for Richie and Sybil.didn't deserve it.

In a lot of ways - especially in the direction of a snow-capped mountain - RAGE is headed nowhere. Regardless of our ultimate destination, no doubt Williams is currently located miles and miles south of coherent. I'm not a medical professional but when you work with someone this closely for this long - sorta like your spouse - you learn to know when they're off-center. (I'm performing this public autopsy of RAGE not as a means to disparage CBS, but rather to present the facts and then let you - the avid listener-turned-interested reader - make up your own mind as to the cause of death.) The lack of response is more mysterious than how a Russian president could steal a Super Bowl ring, but it's obvious that nobody indeed gives a frick. Because, turns out, we are already dead men talking. For reasons weaker than the Rangers' current offense.

Life is short, so spoil yourself."Breadcrumbing follows the same method of thinking, users will send flirtatious back forth messages to a potential match only to never meet in real life and leave the extent of their relationship solely online.

Playboy just published a survey of 1,500 men, asking what aspect of a woman’s looks they noticed first – and it wasn’t even close. Another 18% acknowledged it was a woman’s behind, while 11% were enticed by a nice head of hair.

But today, pinpointing his exact whereabouts is particularly vexing. While midday show Elf & Slater winds down on stage Greg Williams, Sybil Summers and I sit at a nearby booth to construct a blueprint for today's show.


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