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The dating work remained suppressed until the Fifth member of the Gang of Four could keep silent no longer and brought forth the original Word Star manuscripts, additional notes still penciled in the margins.

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It'll make every developer/programmer (and yes, even the *architects*) laugh out loud, but secretly they'll be learning how to apply a pattern language of design to... (Sorry, no sex patterns in this edition, so if the advice works and you find yourself in a successful dating scenario, you're on your own for what happens after that.

Perhaps there'll be an e Xtreme Dating (XD) version?

As Christopher said at the time, "Do you have any idea how unusual that is, for guys who read Knuth for fun? They realized that their grades were slipping, they were no longer as interested in computer science, and that they had more than once considered careers in marketing.

They realized that while it is extremely pleasurable to have the dating world by the tail, that there were Higher Considerations.

The scientific advancement and the economy of the world would be destroyed if all geeks were out dancing on Saturday nights instead of debugging.