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(WJLA) - After the execution of search warrants at a home and an auto repair business, a Glen Burnie man has been arrested on drugs and weapons charges.Thomas William Booze, 26, faces numerous charges after police seized “a Glock 29 handgun that had the serial number destroyed, an American Tactical 45 Caliber handgun, 66.48 grams of cocaine/crack cocaine with an estimated street value of ,648.00, 87 oxycodone pills with an estimated street value of 0.00 and a large sum of U. Currency,” according to a statement from Anne Arundel County Police.SPECIAL EVENTS AND SPEECH SERIES Special Evens and Speech Series issued by the Office of the Chief of Public Affairs containing a standard text appropriate for use within the Army: Veterans Day 1990; Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day 1991; Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day 1992.

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ARMY TROOP USE IN DOMESTIC SITUATIONS Information papers on the use of the military as an instrument for the suppression of insurrection and rebellion, and the enforcement of the law, and natural disasters, includes background documentation such as listings of natural disasters the Army has assisted with, “Homefront Battlefront, Military Racial Disturbances, Zone of the Interior, and “The U.

Army and Domestic Disturbances.” POLITICS, RELIGION, AND SOCIAL CHANGE: THE FIRST CRUSADE "Politics, Religion, and Social Change: Framework and Momentum of the First Crusade" by Cadet James E.

Includes booklet with background and copies of the Army Songs, Special 1776 Issue of the CONSTITUTION, BICENTENNIAL CELEBRATION List of events and publications commemorating the 200th anniversary of the Constitution.

Also, "Department of the Army Plan for the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution." BATTLE OF GETTYSBURG 50 TH ANNIVERSARY Information paper requested by LTG Kicklighter on what the Army did for the 50 th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.

Autumn, 1982, by Arnaldo Momigliano that discusses the trend of skepticism towards the value of historical evidence, and the rumor that historians manipulate date to make propaganda for the political, social, and religious beliefs they believe in.