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However, when it comes to a potential relationship, Jonas is allegedly being a bit hesitant — unless Selena Gomez vows to take him seriously this time.Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas reportedly prompted rumors of a possible reunion earlier this month when Jonas commented on a photo of Gomez applying eyeliner.

When Jonas and Gomez’s rumored relationship popped up in conversation, Demi refused to confirm nor deny the rumors. I want him to be happy.” Is Demi concerned that Nick won’t be happy with Sel Go?

You would think that if the dating rumors were false, she would have squashed them right then and there – rather than adding more fuel to the fire.

“Nick has been texting [Selena Gomez] lots of sweet poems and memes to make her laugh,” an insider told ).

As the insider alleged, Selena Gomez has been returning the favor by “hitting [Nick] up a lot,” as well.

Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas dated seven years ago back in their Disney days, rumors popped up that they were getting back together this summer when they were spotted at a dinner date in Venice, California.