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Going to a SPA when your son has a fever of a hundred and four and not answering emergency calls, that officially makes you an unfit mother."The Nanny Diaries" certainly has to be a feel good summer movie, it's entertaining and sweet and a coming of age story as told thru one characters point of view.On Wednesday, Fox Searchlight dropped the first trailer for the drama which will follow the former First Lady's days immediately following the 1963 assassination of her husband President John F. Related: Natalie Is 'Thrilled' About Her Second Pregnancy! The film also stars Greta Gerwig, Peter Sarsgaard, Max Casella, John Carroll Lynch, Billy Crudup, and John Hurt.

Meanwhile, we're unfortunately not sure what Kelly was going for with her striped dress. " CLICK HERE to view "Worst Dressed Celebs Of The Week!

" CLICK HERE to view "Worst Dressed Celebs Of The Week!

I'm 5-foot-4 on a good day, and a couple extra inches would be nice".

More recently she has now described herself as 5ft 3, in The Huffington Post: "my 5'3" frame" and Pittsburgh Post Gazette: "when you're 5-3" said on 20/Jan/17 I have 5 of the films mentioned above and others besides!

Today is the day, after a hectic and weird first full week in the White House, that The Donald is set to have his official first phone call with Putin, and it's not just the Russian strong-arm dictator, either Khloé Kardashian and Kelly Rowland can definitely afford stylists… The usually on-trend duo definitely missed the mark with these printed ensems.