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There may someday be a "People Watch" column that doesn't mention convicted spy for Israel Jonathan Jay Pollard—but not this month.

While serving his life sentence, Pollard has divorced his wife Anne, who moved to Israel after serving part of her own sentence for assisting his espionage.

However, when he last spoke with his sister Carol, Jonathan Pollard asked: "Have you gotten me out in 10 years? Pollard struck back at criticism from the Pollard family, saying that her husband had learned through "reliable sources" that when his case comes up for a parole board hearing after he has served a full 10 years this year, the board will use a "15-year set-aside" that would keep the case from being reviewed for another 15 years.

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He was a man of conscience, and for this reason his death-bed accusation cannot easily be dismissed, even though Sawyer, who was in the Nixon White House press office at the time "Deep Throat" was leaking White House secrets to the managing editor Howard Simon and investigative reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein all promised that Deep Throat's identity would not be revealed until after his, her or its death.

We say "it" because it's long been our opinion that whoever played the role of "Deep Throat" (in real life, not the film) was in fact only a conduit for information collected by Israel's Mossad and used to discredit Nixon.

Kati Marton is the former wife of ABC anchorman Peter Jennings, who once was married to a Lebanese woman and who now is squiring superstar Barbra Streisand, surely qualifying Jennings, who used to cover the Middle East personally when he was in ABC's London bureau, as the best informed journalist on all points of view of the half-century dispute between Arabs and Jews.

Holbrooke may have even more Middle East insights than meet the eye.

She did share the home with not one, but two former husbands.