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He corrected me for typing Hollywood without a capital H: “Pronoun. For example, I received the following one evening: I felt there was no escape – I’d agreed to meet him and tried to ease myself out of it, but I figured face to face, maybe he’d be OK. First surprise, he’d clearly put on 3 stone (and 7 years) since his photo was taken.

He had a black velvet jacket that was straining at the buttons over the paunch. I am 5’8″, I wasn’t wearing heels and I was looking down at him.

Now he wanted to know did I fancy catching up to discuss his “inarguably interesting” year?

It's unusual enough for a student play to seek that level of attention, but almost unheard of to do so because of who's in it.

Tax rates, together with assessed value and property use, determine the taxation amount for each property.