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Soon after he was appointed he bought a small house just down the street from the manse and arranged to provide private tuition on the piano at his house as well as voice training. He had a friendly outgoing personality and made friends easily.When he had settled in to his new work and his home Peter suggested that it would be appropriate to invite hum over to the manse for dinner one evening. The conversation over dinner ranged over a number of interesting topics.

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It may seem less intimidating to get started by correspondence, but, sooner or later, you'll have to face that first personal encounter anyway, so we recommend going directly to a gathering place such as a swinger's bar, club, or dance.

There will be less pressure, more options, and you won't waste an evening trying to shake someone who wrote you a bunch of fabrications.

I am 35 with an average body and an energetic tongue.

We are happy together and secure but want to expand our experience and horizons but including some other people.

We are looking primarily for a couple but will also consider a single male or female.