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Both have a knighthood, and have amassed an ever-growing army of Olivier, Golden Globe and Emmy awards. The script opens when Hirst (Stewart), a member of the Hampstead literati, picks up Spooner (Mc Kellen), a failed poet, at the pub and invites him to his flat to carry on drinking.

Between them, they’ve carried the heaviest of the Bard’s burdens, from Macbeth to Othello, while also lending Shakespearean grandeur to sci-fi blockbusters including the hit X-Men films, where they first ignited their friendship in 2000. My father would be spinning in his grave.”’ Mc Kellen: ‘Brown and blue. ’ Stewart: [singing] ‘Brown boots, I ask you, I ask you…’ Stewart admits Sunny has recently hired him a stylist. I wonder if they had any trouble remembering their lines, two years on from its debut. The words have come back with a vengeance, haven’t they? ‘I am daily concerned with memory, with who people are that I meet,’ Stewart says, thoughtfully.

I had to learn how to monitor angry scenes to know when the fist was going to be raised.

So my earliest experiences and lessons of being a man were bad ones.’ After dropping out of school at 15 he won a place to study drama at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.

Actors Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian Mckellen have been posting amusing photos on Twitter over the past few months of their 'bromance' in New York to promote their stage plays: Harold Pinter’s comedy No Man's Land and Samuel Beckett’s classic Waiting For Godot at the Cort Theatre on Broadway.


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