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Work From Home Business: A Personal Development Wonderland

Personal development happens in a work from home business either through education (books, etc.) or experience.

Anyone considering becoming a home based business entrepreneur needs to know the following going in: You will grow in ways you can’t now imagine.

Life is a journey. We’ve heard that a thousand times. What I really want to know is whether your current journey is some boring traffic jam — or some exciting adventure that’s taking you exactly where you want to go in life?

Truth be known, it takes the same amount of energy to succeed as it does to fail. Granted – it isn’t the same type of energy but it adds up equally in the end. How can I say such a thing – well due to training and home business experience.

No matter how down and out a person may be there are 1,000 examples of someone who had it worse off and who still made it to the top.

Success does not happen by wishing and hoping or whining and blaming. It starts when a person takes on the responsibility to make something special happen. The great news is that success is available to anyone – and I mean anyone.Example:

Person ‘A’ puts off watching TV for 3 hours a night and instead ‘works’ to build their p/t work from home business. Person ‘B’ says they’re too tired or too busy to even consider working more than the 8-12 hours they put into their normal jobs.
At first glance it seems the person doing the extra ‘work’ at night is expending more ‘energy’ right? Let’s look a bit deeper and see what the consequences for each of these people ends up being.

Is it possible that person ‘A’ actually enjoys being engaged with their extra work? They will if they followed our advice from an earlier article. In that case, they have already invested whatever time it took to crystallize the big reason why being a home based business entrepreneur was so important. This means they’re inspired to do the work in their business as well as the personal development work on themselves.

Second, they also dug deep to discover some thing they were really passionate about then found a work from home business that allows them to express their passion.

Person ‘A’ also feels a building level of security knowing there will come a time they will be able to fire their boss and be able to focus on their own business legacy.

Person ‘A’ grows more confident in themselves as a person each day as well. They become less dependent on needing the approval of others and begin to understand the power of being self-sufficient. There is unique level of confidence that builds within a home based business entrepreneur.

Let’s compare that energy to the energy being experienced by person ‘B’.

Person ‘B’ is likely either quite angry deep inside or quite sad for themselves. Whatever job they have it certainly does not match the dreams they had for their careers while they were growing up. Most ‘B’s blame other people or ‘circumstances’ for their state of affairs

Deep inside person ‘B’ worries about the future even — if they aren’t aware enough to be scared to death about the security of their current job (which they should be). The many experiences they wanted to enjoy in their lives. The places they wanted to visit seem to be drifting further and further away.

Person ‘B’ is likely quite concerned about health care costs and how in the world they are ever going to afford to retire. The new morning comes and they feel almost as tired as when they went to bed. Life seems like a revolving door going nowhere…

Which ‘energy’ would you prefer to live in?

Add to this better way of ‘being’ in life, any of the number of the personal development training skills business owners acquire and get to hone in over time like:

* Communication Skills (useful in EVERY area of effective living)
* Leadership (a chance to see what being the lead dog feels like)
* Building Relationships (could that be useful elsewhere too?)

Sure there are lots of other personal development skills to pick up –and since we only go around once in life – the more skills you acquire the richer the voyage. Being a business owner – even a p/t home based business entrepreneur you will acquire far more of these skills than you might imagine. Enjoy the journey.

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