Mlp fim dating sim

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I'm thinking about starting a project on making a EQG RPG/Dating Sim.

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The difference is there's no "Saving the world" stuff, and the more you hang out with a specific character, the more you can be closer with each oter and eventually fall in love.

Of course there will be alt, endings depending on what you do in-game and who you befriended.

Of course, I'd seen how he behaved as Theatre Critic, and I did a bit of roleplaying with him for a day with another of his alts, Time Lord47.

I shoulda known something was up when his version of Babs Seed suddenly had wings.

Dating Sim: Kind of the same plot as the RPG: You are a new student in CHS, and you can befriend the students and talk to the mane 6 Sunset.