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Yet he somehow managed to avoid ever having his story fully told.

A fireplug of a man, he joined the British Navy after having been denied a college scholarship because he was Jewish.

He took up boxing in the navy and eventually wound up in New York.

The family is hard-pressed to understand Patty’s bitterness toward them, given the tens of millions of dollars she has received over the years.” He also said, “While we are not going to respond to the complaint on an allegation-by-allegation basis, we reiterate that the family is confident that claims in the complaint will be proven untrue and that Patty’s lawsuit will be shown to have no merit.” Asked if Patricia consulted with the family before filing the lawsuit, Sitrick responded, “There were a number of discussions between other family members’ counsel with Patty’s counsel.

The families’ attorneys told them they believed the allegations had no merit.

Around July of 2002, however, according to the suit, “Patricia complained yet again to Marvin that she needed to have her trust assets available to her.…