a game of 2 halves dating - Intimidating names for dogs

Here we've pulled together the best dog names from our military, sports, history and movie databases. So if you plan to name your Rottie after a WW II general, your Pit after an infamous gangster, or your Boxer after a tough, er...boxer, start right here.

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Beautiful 7 yr old rescued, 110 lb, 100% purebred pit bull.

Strong, friendly, protective yet lives to cuddle with those he knows. As for the name, he's wise beyond his years and the only thing I can say is it just fits him!

Aristotle - An ancient Greek philosopher who studied under Plato.

An appropriate name for your Oriental breed of dog. A great name for the pet dog that has very little hair.

Pathos - "I'm always feeling sorry for myself." Pericles - An ancient Greek statesman.


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