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For the most part, profile photos are internal, so you can use any image you'd like without worrying about it facing your customers.

They are just a nice way for your team to see what you’re up to in Help Scout.

The release on December 16 features new external debt data from the International Debt Statistics database, and revised data for national accounts, PPP series, balance of payments, FDI inflows, remittances, and monetary indicators.

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List any additional email addresses you might forward emails from into Help Scout in the field, and an antsy Internet stalker finds your personal email to send a support request, you can forward that email into Help Scout to manage accordingly.

If that scenario sounds a little too familiar, here’s a quick primer on forwarding one-off emails into Help Scout.

Each Help Scout User updates their own User Profile to reflect their own preferences.

If you use Variables for email signatures or Saved Replies to pull in User names, email addresses, titles, and phone numbers, then that information is pulled from the User Profile.

World aggregate data for greenhouse gases series, surface area, and land area have been revised.