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Teaching assistants not represented in the bargaining unit include those whose assistantships are not waiver-generating, and teaching assistants who are teaching for the first time in one of the following units: Animal Biology, Biochemistry, Cell and Structural Biology, Chemistry, Germanic Languages and Literatures, Microbiology, Plant Biology, and Psychology.

Office of the Provost – requires that graduate teaching assistants attend training before beginning any teaching appointment.

They gain further instruction in techniques in their fields, hone their research skills, acquire pedagogical experience necessary for an academic career, develop professional skills, and may have collegial collaboration with advisers that result in presentations or publications.

Students admitted on Limited Status or on Probation may not hold assistantships until they are in Good Standing.

The various departments of the University appoint students as teaching (TA), research (RA), pre-professional graduate (PGA) or graduate assistants (GA).