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-Older JKflow 1, 2 are available but not recommended anymore, because of missing features, confusing configuration, lack of speed etc... -Comparisons with different Flow Scan reporting modules.

-the new SMP version are still a bit buggy, most synchonisation problems.

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If you have this problem, go get the appropriate version of the module as described earlier.

When Flow Scan finishes parsing all your old flow files, it will print out "sleep 300...", wait for five minutes, and check your log directory for new flow files.

Used during counting of multiple protocols/services, this will result in no speed penalty.

It uses a single source/destination inbound outbound Net:: Patricia match per flow.

It creates for every direction it's own autogenerated evaluation subroutine Every direction can have it's own set of services/protocols/ftp/total/tos to monitor. When you only want to measure overall traffic, only the overall counting function is generated in the wanted subroutine for evaluating flows.


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