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Claimants must undertake an assessment by private contractor Capita, which received a £140m contract by the DWP to undertake this work.

Dispatches went undercover to find assessors being trained to complete as many assessments as quickly as possible, and those who finished more could cash in on thousands of pounds in incentives.

The PIP benefit was established by the former coalition government in order to reduce the cost of disability benefits.

“I think of it this way – my father fought in the Second World War and when that generation returned from the war they created the NHS and they envisioned a world where you weren’t punished simply for being sick or being poor.

“When we stand up against this government, we’re fighting to defend what millions have died for.” Unite assistant general secretary Steve Turner agreed.

Panicked and sweating, she began hyperventilating and quickly spiralled into full-blown psychosis.

The letter came from the Department of Work and Pensions – it notified Sharon in officious language that she would soon no longer receive her Disability Living Allowance (DLA); that she would have to put in a claim for Personal Independence Payment (PIP), DLA’s replacement, but not before being assessed to determine whether she even merits the benefit at all.

The DLA benefit, Tony says, is “vitally important.” Because Sharon suffers from severe panic attacks taking public transportation, using a car, which the benefit helps pay for, is the only way she can leave the house.


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