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But then just days later, Lovato wrote, “[Trace], I miss you to death.” But when asked by MTV about the rumor she was dating Miley’s big bro, Trace Cyrus, Demi replied: “I’m single! And when MTV News asked who she would like to go out with, it seems she went a little coy: “I can’t say! Demi said she doesn’t read gossip or rumors about herself so normally doesn’t even known what’s being written about her in the media. so is Demi just denying dating Trae because the Disney Star doesn’t want to tarnish her good girl image?

I know just as much as you do, I don’t really look into it too much.” As to whether it would be a good thing for the two to date, Musso is hesitant to offer an endorsement.

“I don’t know, I don’t really have anything to comment, the ages are always weird,” Musso hedges.

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I'm always on the other side of the world and so is she, so it just seemed like something that can't work out at this time. Every time I hung out with that girl or talked on the phone with her, it was amazing. Maybe when she's older and we've both matured, we'll be looking for the same thing and it can work out." "To be honest, all that sex-symbol stuff went way over my head.