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My buddy is, like any 19-year-old, interested in finding out more about his sexuality.

He has watched his peers develop sexually, but hasn't had the opportunity to do so himself.

Women with mental illnesses are more likely to be taken advantage of when their judgment is compromised, and are more likely to have abusive relationships because they settle for anyone who would love a ‘crazy person,’” she said.

It is important to understand these patterns and hierarchies of ways that society stigmatizes people with disabilities in order to help build communities of support to help end all abuse, violence and exploitation.

What if your friend doesn't want to get into bed with a girl, but head into a dungeon with one? "Just like we do with everyone," says Cory, "we tend to assume folks with disabilities are straight and just want to have penile-vaginal intercourse and some oral sex. So the first thing he should do is ask his friend what he's interested in." Cory also suggests that you ask your friend if he's having sex with himself, since masturbation is the easiest way for a person to explore his sexuality.


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