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In other words, it might be time to ditch that negative guy always moping around your apartment and get with someone interested in being happy. D., is an assistant professor of psychology at Michigan State University and the lead investigator on the study.

According to his findings, dating happy people actually decreases your impulses toward self-destructive behaviors like drinking or drugs, or just possibly just being really angry and stressed all the time because your partner is never happy and can’t be satiated with anything that happens in their lives. Well, as Elle Woods said in , “Exercise gives you endorphins. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands.” It’s a bit more complicated than that, but the findings are essentially the same.

There’s something about food, extended family, and time off that flips a switch.

Read on A sperm bank in the UK called the London Sperm Bank has created an app that functions a lot like Tinder, except that it matches women with potential sperm donors as opposed to potential dates.

Some recent research suggests that lazy people are actually smarter than people who always seek out physical activity, because smart people don’t get bored as easily and can entertain themselves by thinking instead of doing.