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“When you’re in love, rationality goes out the window,” says Campbell. You see your partner in ideal terms and minimize their flaws.” That’s when your family and friends can help you weed out ineligible bachelors or bachelorettes.“They see things more objectively, so if they say, ‘You need to watch out for this person,’ you should probably listen,” says Campbell.

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You don’t know where you stand, you don’t know where they stand.

Any type of non-committal behavior after a certain point in a relationship that makes you feel uncertain about where the relationship is headed is a recipe for disaster.

When you suspect someone is cheating, or are constantly paranoid about it, pay attention to that. If the evidence of cheating is overwhelming, don’t turn a blind eye to it.

If you think you are excessively paranoid due to being cheated on in the past, seek support or outside help to help you work through that and discern whether or not the paranoia is coming from you or what your partner is doing. They are stringing you along: You know something isn’t right when someone leaves you hanging or in a state of purgatory.

If you aren’t getting answers or decisions from your partner, think about re-evaluating the relationship. Game playing, manipulation or cruelty: If you or your partner play games, manipulates or does something to the other that comes from a malicious place or to purposefully hurt the other person, this might not be the right person for you.