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Because of these considerations the rock carvings in Alta are dated according to very different criteria, namely how high they are above today’s sea level, because we believe the carvings were made in the shoreline zone.

Due to the raising of the land after the last ice-age, rocks which were once below sea level have risen above the sea, which of course means that the rock carvings cannot be older than the time the rock surfaces they are carved into rose out of the sea.

The most concrete/convincing argument for the view that the rock carvings were made in the shoreline zone is in the similarities in figures and motifs between sites which are found far from each other but at the same height above sea level.

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The shoreline is the zone where land, air and water meet, a transitional zone between different worlds, thus making it a fitting site for rituals and communication between the spirits and gods.

Helskog also connects the motifs of the oldest carvings with this theory.

The roughly 6000 rock carvings in Alta are between 25.5 and 9 metres above sea level, with those that are highest up being the oldest.

A number of convincing arguments have been put forward to prove that the rock carvings were made along what was once the shoreline.

In Finland, however, many of the rock paintings are dated to the Stone Age.


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