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So, if you are uncircumcised because of your country of origin or for any other reason, don’t concern yourself with that too much, and focus on other elements of who you are to make yourself more attractive and more desirable to the opposite sex.

You might meet a woman who would tell you that she really prefers circumcised men before you have sex.

Whatever the case, the well-proportioned prepuce was the longer prepuce, with its distinctive taper.

An iconographic representation of this feature of male excellence can be seen in the well-known masterpiece of Attic red-figure vase painting, attributed by J. Beazley to the Sosias painter, in which Achilles binds the wounded arm of Patroklus.

As would be expected in a culture that valued the prepuce, the Greek language reflected this esteem through precise terminology.


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    'sex' is a noun — it designates; 1.) male or female (gender [jěn' Ədr]) , 2.) the genital area, 3.) sexual intercourse and/or, 4.) feelings or behavior to gratify sexual desires.

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