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Dating services in los angeles

Our clientele hire us to help them have a much more dignified and private approach to dating.

Your matchmakers will meet your matches fact to face, so that you will be introduced to the type of person you’ve been searching for.

Once I’d finished the questionnaire, the matchmaking began. It’s not just Adelle’s personal “rolodex” of clients that were in play, but also the wider network of TDR clients, even those working with other matchmakers. *** Over the sound of the cappuccino maker and the uptalk and vocal fry of the teenagers at the next table, my date, “B.,” and I get to know each other. “Blind dates, online, mixers.” But nothing was really working.

Adelle kept me posted, and let me know when she was close to finding a date for me. A friend suggested TDR to her to get her out of the bubble of single life. “Sunday night is the toughest night for singles,” Adelle says, “The weekend’s over, the work week is starting and you’re back where you started.” During a Sunday night conversation, Adelle’s matchmaker hit her with an epiphany that really resonated: the only person who really knows what you’re looking for is you.

This was unusual for several reasons: 1) I’m not Jewish. Which was weird, since I’d just met her perfectly nice husband and he was standing right there. Some, like me, are frustrated by the dating apps and sites, by the meat market bars and false starts. At the time, she was working in corporate marketing and communications.