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Given their massive size and complexity, most users will struggle to make full use of GDELT's datasets on their local computers.

Just the 2015 GKG dataset alone weighs in at over 2.5TB and contains more than three quarters of a trillion emotional scores.

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When you find something of interest that you want to explore, visualize, or analyze in more detail, the Analysis Service has a wide range of export options, from speciality file formats to raw export of the underlying CSV records.

If you are trying to locate all attacks on civilians in a certain country over a four-month period, use the Time Mapper tool to determine if there are enough matching events or if you need to adjust your query further, and then use the Exporter tool to download a CSV file containing just the matching records." (ie the morning of May 24, 2013 a new file called "20130523.export. UNIX or Linux users can easily set up a cronjob or other automatic scheduling processes to automatically download the latest daily update each morning and process it for watchboarding, forecasting, early warning, alert services, and other applications.

There is also a special GDELT 1.0 "reduced" event dataset (1.1GB) that uses the "one a day" country-level filtering commonly used in older academic event databases.

Fourteen different tools are available for geographic, temporal, network, and contextual visualizations of both the Event Database and Global Knowledge Graph.