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Since the publication of the first fragments of an Old Javanese kakawin in 1817, with Raffles' excerpts from the twelfth century Bhâratayuddha, editions of nearly all the major kakawin of Javanese origin written between the tenth and fifteenth centuries have been published^1).

Through the names of patrons mentioned in both the literary texts and epigraphical sources, a more or less reliable chronology has also been established for these kakawin.

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From at least the eleventh century, Bali was incorporated into the cultural, social and, occasionally, political world of Java.

During the Majapahit period these links were particularly close.

Huniepop is divided up into two segments: a dating sim and a puzzle game.

In the dating sim part, you’ll meet and attempt to seduce one of eight girls (plus several hidden characters).

From (4) and (5), there are only two possibilities:* Adam & Cruz both are tall and Bond & both are fair.* Adam & Cruz both are short and Bond & Dumbo both are dark.