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Watch how he reacts to kids One of the most telling signs whether a date is a potential family man, is his behaviour around children, especially when he knows you are not present.If he is comfortable and positive with kids, plays and jokes with them, it is more likely that he is looking forward to marriage and having his own kids.

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Sign up for professional matchmaking services Professional matchmakers these days, are becoming increasingly popular with men and women who have busy lives, but want to meet a potential life partner in the near future.

The best part about these services, is that by definition, they are limited to people who are looking for a serious relationship.

Moreover, the service providers screen out unsuitable candidates based on your preferences, so that you don’t waste time meeting people who don’t match your expectations.

Even though professional matchmakers charge more than online dating sites, statistically, at least, you have more chances of finding the right person.

Even your locality might have volunteer groups which offer various types of community services.