Dating clues for the clueless what is backdating stock options

Scam clues: They’re working around the site’s system and will ask for personal information. When you are chosen for the job, they ask for your email address or other direct contact details so they can take the work off-site and “avoid the fees” or something similar.

What to do: If you think it’s a legitimate offer, ask them to pay through the site or to an online banking system that protects you (Paypal and the like). If that’s a no-no, alarm bells should start ringing so loud that you couldn’t hear an opera singer standing next to you. The scam: They get you to do the work then disappear without trace.

What to do: Accept direct contact if you want but ask that payment go through the site’s normal system.

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You could ask for a fixed rate for the first few months with the option of switching to revenue share at a later date and see if they agree. If you go for it, consider exactly how you’ll get to see the revenue figures. The personal information scam The scam: The employer asks for personal details so that they can do a bank transfer for the up-front payment.

They’ll then use this information as a basis for identity theft and empty your account. The direct contact scam Employer: Usual job description.

They make $10 for every person joining, plus whatever they’re getting from the employers.

Scam clues: You’re paying for something and you’re not sure what you’re getting.

Employer: We have hundreds of clients desperate for your work.


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