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Hoyt and his son Al moved to San Diego and set up shop as H. The company's innovative history and attention to quality have made for many great collectible knives. This era is when other models are introduced and different scale materials introduced. In 1986 Buck started making there own 301,303,309 and 305s IN HOUSE. In case anyone is wondering my avatar is a 2008 Buck 309 USA custom I picked up in South East New Mexico late last year. There is one dot left of the USA and two dots right of the USA. BRL fourth said that they did not have a nail mark until 1983.

Al Buck revolutionized the knife industry in 1964 with the infamous Model 110 Folding Hunter.

Buck & Son in 1947 in partnership with his son Al, the Buck Knife Co. Distinct markings on the blade can help owners easily discern the age of their Buck knife.

If your Buck Knife is manufactured after 1986, match the symbol next to the model number inscribed at the base of the knife blade to the corresponding symbol on the dating system chart.

Schrade made them good but hard to repair for warranty work.