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What I have not announced here is that I am bringing one change I had planned for the Renpy version and brought it to the HTML: eliminating alcohol as a means to unlock content.

Alcohol will still be needed to get to “drunk” scenes, and after two glasses of wine Ariane will decline to drive, but that’s it.

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If you watched last week’s season opener, you’ll likely remember Ariana as the classy and outspoken new member of the show. My sister-in-law is very into Herbalife, so we are planning to open a yoga studio that has Herbalife products. Ariane’s two children are clearly a very important part of her life.

Ariane is not just another pretty face on the show, either. My daughter loves to roller skate, so we also go to the roller rink. Follow o2b Arie on Twitter and Instagram @o2b Arie. In fact, after making plans to become a buyer in the fashion industry, she felt that pursuing her new o2b Arie brand will allow her the opportunity to use her love of fashion and yoga, while still giving her the opportunity to spend more time with her children.

o2b Arie includes consulting services for living a healthy lifestyle, both mind and body. I also love the flexibility I have with teaching yoga as it allows me more time with my children. Ariane tries to surround herself with friends and loved ones who share her passion for a healthy lifestyle, and a devotion to family.

I share my experience and knowledge of healthy eating, fitness, yoga instruction, and wonderful products that I use and believe in for being the best and the healthiest you can be. I also cook all my meals from scratch and go to the grocery store almost daily because I like to prepare fresh foods for myself and my kids, no frozen foods. She has a very positive outlook and infectious smile and laugh.

She and I actually have a lot of differences but we just click.