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However the number of such cultural and community associations is still too few and most of them are concentrated in UAE which prevents Indians living in countries like Kuwait or Oman from having opportunities to meet other singles.

Reasons for the lack of socio-cultural associations in other Middle Eastern states may range from the insufficient numbers or resources of Indian population to apprehensions about setting up non-Islamic cultural and ethnic associations in countries where straying from the state-approved religious and cultural norms can land a foreigner in trouble.

In 2007, the number of Indian-origin people in the Gulf Cooperation Council states including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Oman was estimated to be six million according to figures provided by researcher S. The United Arab Emirates alone was believed to account for one and a half million of the total number of Indians in the GCC states.

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I'm american born indian, and I've never had a big problem dating american women. But I look more mulatto than indian (or some sort of white mixed with something else). but to generalize almost all (with a few exceptions like myself) my male indian cousins family and friends have an awful time attracting women.

Interestingly Indians living in UAE and Dubai also have several professional associations of their own like Institute of Engineers of India or the Institute of Chartered Accountants which have branches in several cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

While these associations are primarily geared towards offering effective liaison between Indian professionals and Middle Eastern companies, they also provide several opportunities of social networking among the young Indian professionals deprived of socializing venues like cafes, bars and nightclubs of the West.

While the American or European expatriate community might have some socializing opportunities provided by their embassies or get-togethers organized in private homes, such avenues are few in number for Indians and that too largely restricted to the social and economic elite like diplomats, doctors and businessmen.


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