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Please follow the instructions for your home country; click on the flag for more information and see the following links for additional helpful resources: To Consulate General To County Clerk From Principal to accompany transcripts To Secretary of State U. When Beth, a Protestant, accepted a marriage proposal from John, a divorced Catholic, he was unwilling to go through the long annulment process, so they married in her church.Can these marriages be officially recognized by the Catholic Church so the Catholics who once waved aside their obedience to the Church could return to the sacraments?

Transcript convalidation is the process of validating the classes you take in the U. In order for your academic work from your American high school to be valid in your home country, your Official Transcript of Grades must be authenticated (convalidated) by the U. Secretary of State and/or the Consulate General of your home country.

Before you begin your studies, you need to know about the convalidation process which must be completed, takes time to do and involves multiple steps and requires the help of your school and possibly also that of your host family or your Forte Local Representative.

Effective preparation for the sacrament of matrimony is an essential element that the Diocese of Brooklyn is called to provide.

The diocesan Marriage Preparation or “Pre-Cana” classes are presented in English, Spanish, Creole, Polish and Italian.

It offers a map of specific topics that may need time and attention, along with offering a starting place for discussion for the engaged couple.


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