Consolidating multiple domains

Multiple network migrations can be started back-to-back, without waiting for the previous ones to finish.

Start from the parent network (the network into which you want to migrate the other network): The network migration process works as shown in the following illustration.

At this point our focus is just on handling the c Panel side of things (e.g. This functionality will be implemented under the assumption that both accounts to be merged are hosted on the same server already.

Consolidating multiple domains

The following illustration shows the after state, where the users and any external networks and users have been migrated from Contoso_Sub to the Contoso, Ltd. Notice that the subsidiary network and its content are not available after migration.

If you're just looking to add guest users or work together across company boundaries, consider external messaging or external networks instead of migrating.

Also, you have a Yammer network at the parent company and want to get all of your employees closely collaborating with each other on the parent network.

In other words, you want to consolidate the subsidiary networks.

wants to keep the pharmaceutical employees in their own network but wants to move employees from Contoso_to would migrate the users from the Contoso_subsidiary to the parent network.