50 cent dating long nia - Christian dating guidelines for teenagers

I’ll admit I dated non-Christians when I was in high school and honestly, I’m amazed I didn’t get in more trouble than I did.

It was a bad idea 30 years ago, but it’s disastrous today.

We had a great discussion about how Christians should date last Saturday on Up For Debate.

Then, at age 17, they can allow their kids to double-date or go on group dates.

My husband and I lean more towards the Rainey school of dating, but I don’t think there’s any hard and fast rule.

Set clear boundaries and let your teen know that you’re not trying to inhibit his or her fun. Notice, Scripture says flee from temptation, not “get as close to it as you can, so you can prove how strong you are.” Or, as the Puritan Preacher Thomas Brooks said, “He that will play with Satan’s bait, will quickly be taken with Satan’s hook.” That being said, I think we need to loosen dating rules as our children get older.

They are becoming adults and our parenting needs to respect that.

But, I hope the following suggestions will help you as you try to instruct your kids in this area of their lives.