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I gave her my contact info, and she gave me her contact info. Even though I could tell she was interested in me, by her body language. We went to sleep on her bed that night.(fully clothed) The next morning, we met for breakfast. I told her I was being a gentleman to the other lady. I wrapped my arms around her, and wrote down my phone number as we kissed.

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I also think that women have the misconception that all men are looking for a fling and nothing more. I wonder if my not staying in her room until she woke up, hurt her feelings.

This can lead to hurting a mans feelings by accident. I think if you still have her contact info you could send her a text or a call just saying you wanted to see how she was and to tell her that you would like to keep in touch with her if she were agreeable to it.

Also I'd like to address that misconceptions like that stated can apply to any gender. I think the fact she showed care as to whether you liked that other girl does show some degree of jealousy or concern you had feelings for another person.

The only reason I can think of why someone would notice this or mention is, if they had feelings themselves they wanted to see were secure on that person.

I.e she wasn't trying just to fail because you were going after someone else. But, There was episode of M*A*S*H(yes, I am almost 50) where the main character sees' a long-ago love that gets' transferred to the unit.